For me, teaching transcends transmitting content. It is a special relationship with students, where I draw on my experience and research to help them challenge their assumptions; to encourage their growth personally and professionally. Equally important is to present problem-solving as a fundamental lens, and to teach it as a key methodology. I believe that as an instructor in a business school, it is my responsibility to prepare students to make significant contributions to industry. I am dedicated to preparing future management leaders holistically, developing their skills and their spirits.

My teaching philosophy is rooted in my extensive teaching and mentorship experience gained while earning my MBA and while working toward my PhD. I have worked with students across various levels: undergraduates, MBAs, and executives. In addition to my classroom experience, my eight years in industry, specifically in management, have contributed significantly to my teaching and mentoring skills, by providing opportunities to coach and develop individuals in a professional context.

Selected teaching experience and credentials

  • Teaching Citation, Teaching-intensive, professional-development certification program for PhD students, earned May 2018
  • Undergraduate thesis advisor, Spring 2018
  • Sole instructor, Negotiation, undergraduate elective, Fall 2016
  • Curriculum development and guest lecturing, Business fundamentals for non-business students, undergraduate elective, Fall 2015 – present

Selected student feedback

  • “The variety in teaching methods really ensured that I not only learned the concepts but had opportunities to apply them.”
  • “I loved actually learning how to negotiate and being able to learn so much about how some big business deals happened.”
  • “You were one of the best professors I’ve had a Wash U!”
  • “One of my top five favorite professors in college”
  • “Best teacher/person. Continue being you.”